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Stair Master Climber iPhone App

Compete physically, Challenge friends and Climb flights to become the StairMasterClimber! Download on iPhone today

Stair Master Climber is centered around privacy health and wellness, and enabling accountability partners to motivate you. Apart from being free, the app is open source and available here, so we would like to continue being the best with community input and support.




Track the stairs you have climbed in the last 7 days and set goals


Add friends to compete with them and see their progress. Separately compete globally with others


Stair Master Climber is the only app that allows you to reach goals and also Challenge your friends to get achievements


Here's a sneak peak of some of the screens on an iPhone. The screens below are likely more developed and more feature-rich than what you see below as the screenshots may be outdated. We hope you enjoy using the app as much as we enjoyed building it!
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